About PMC

The Patna Municipal Corporation was established on the 15th August 1952, in accordance with The Patna Municipal Corporation Act, 1951, which was published in the Bihar Gazettes Extraordinary No.249 the 30th July 1952, by the Govt. of Bihar in their Notification No. L.S.G. 1088/52 Leg-538 dated 26th July 1952. The Patna Municipal Corporation Act 1951 came into force on 15-08-1952 with the enforcement of Act, the former Patna City Municipality, the former Patna administrative committee and the former Patna Bankipur joint waterworks committee was replaced by The Patna Municipal Corporation on 15-08-1952. Thus came into being a New Civic Body with the merger of the 88-year-Old Patna City Municipality and the 35-year-old Patna Administration Committee with more powers and responsibilities and the PMC was established with effect from 15th August 1952, by virtue of orders issued by Govt. in their notification No. 6613 dated 9th August 1952, published in the Bihar Gazettes Extraordinary No.95 the 11th August 1952. The first elections of the councilors were completed in March 1954, but they came in office on the 1st of February 1955.

Present Administrative Set-Up

The recent election of The Patna Municipal Corporation was held by the State Election Commission, Bihar, Patna in April 2007. There are 75 wards in PMC and Ward Councilors have been elected for each ward. According to the provisions of the Bihar Municipal Act 2007, there are following Municipal authorities:

(a) The Corporation
(b) The Empowered Standing Committee
(c) The Municipal Commissioner

The PMC consists of a  Hon'ble Mayor, a  Hon'ble Deputy Mayor, and 73 other Hon'ble  Ward Councillors. The PMC functions through an Empowered Standing Committee which consists of 9  Hon'ble Ward Councilors including Hon'ble Mayor and Dy. Mayor. The members of the House of People and The State Legislative Assembly representing constituencies that fall wholly or partially under the Corporation area and the members of the Council of the State and the members of the State Legislative Council registered as electors within the Municipal Corporation area are also members of this Corporation. All the 75 wards of the Patna Municipal Corporation is under the executive control of 4 Circles. Each Circle is administered by an Executive Officer who is deputed by the State Government. Each Circle also has an Asst. Health Officer to supervise sanitation works. Each ward has a Sanitary Inspector. The administration of the Corporation is under the direct control of the Municipal Commissioner who sits at the Apex Corporation Office located at Budha Marg, Patna. To Control, Monitor and Perform the functions of the Corporation, 3 Additional Municipal Commissioners, Executive Officers, Health Officers, Asst. Health Officers, Revenue Officers, Chief Engineers, Chief Accounts Officer, Vigilance Officer, Secretary, Asst. Engineers etc. are also working. The present requirement is the creation of more Administrative Circles and further decentralization of Power and works to increase efficiency and also to take civic amenities being provided by the PMC to the doorstep of rent payers. The situation is expected to improve with the imminent computerization in the Head Quarter and all the Circle Offices.