Birth & Death Registration

Birth & Death

1.      Children Born Under 21 DAYS DOB Certificate Requirement:-

a.     Free Registration

b.     Name Of Private Hospital

c.      Name Of Nursing Hospital

2.      Children Born After 21 Days and Less Than 31 Days  DOB Certificate     Requirement:-

a.      Registration Fee-  Rs. 10

b.      Name Of Private Hospital

c.       Name Of Nursing Hospital

3.      Children Born After 30 Days DOB certificate Requirement:-

a.         Registration Fee- Rs. 10

b.   Name of Private Hospital

c.    Name of Nursing Hospital

4.  Children Born From 30 Days To 1 Year DOB certificate Requirement:-

a. BSO (Block Statical Officer ) is required

5. Children Born After 1 Year DOB certificate Requirement:-

a. BDO & BSO Both order is required.

6. For Home Delivery

a.      Nursing Home/ Head of the Family Declaration

b.      Two Witness

7. If Not Registered in PMC

              a.  Name Of Hospital

              b. Name Of Nursing Home With Serial No. And Birth & Death

NOTE:- Second Copy Charge:-  5rs (Each)